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Appeals Court Reverses $58,000,000 Judgment Due to "High rents" Against Park Owner--now tenants may owe millions for defense fees.

The avant garde of the crusade to strip owners of property rights continues, withThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!trd in bow--portrait.jpg this latest failed experiment into novel legal theory---that the rent is too high. Apparently titllated by the propsect of a long trial on a pipedream of an idea (even more draconian business regulations), it took an appellate court's clear but simple analysis to derail the lower court's foray into legal fantasy--that the "rent is too high." Mistaking the courtroom for the halls of congress, the political issue was tried to a jury with predicatble results. Yes, the jury said the rent was way "too high." The appellate court swatted them all from this fever dream, with a rather muted but caustic finding:


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