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Assembly Bill 1506 Defeated!! (Rescission of Costa-Hawkins Rent Decontrols)

The Costa-Hawkins law provides for rent decontrol on transfer of tenancy for residential bloom-213-09-29-17-affordable-housing-bill-signing.jpgrental properties. Many have objected to adjustments of rents to real market conditions for new tenants, even after lengthy forced subsidization of rents--sometimes for the wealthy. Today, January 11, 2018, the California Legislature voted in Committee on whether to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act. Rent controlled cities and counties already have the power to pass rent controls. But AB1506 would also empower municipalities to force property owners to subsidize starting rents for new tenants. Essentially, AB 1506 (Bloom) repeals the Costa-Hawkins Act.

FLASH: AB1506 was defeated today, leaving Costa-Hawkins intact. There remains a possible statewide ballot measure in November 2018 to eliminate Costa-Hawkins (again, the right to set rents on inception of tenancy). None of these developments directly affect manufactured housing tenancies, which have always been exempt from State-mandated vacancy decontrols (except park-owned mobilehomes rented by the management).


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