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Rent Too High? Jury Awards $53,000,000 ● Is "Unreasonable" Rent a Breach of Tenancy? ● Is There a Duty to Ask Reasonable Rents? Who Decides? The Jury?

Rent Too High? Jury Awards $53,000,000.

Is HUD Marijuana Policy a Guide for Private Rules and Regulations for Excluding Violence from Your Community?

Is HUD Housing Policy Evidence of Reasonable Rules and Regulations for Excluding Drugs and Violence from Your Community?oj.jpg

By: Terry R. Dowdall, Esq.

Protecting Residents from Abuse: "Move-Out" and "Kick-Out" Now

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Protecting Residents - From the Headlines:
"A Yolo County jury has convicted a caregiver of second-degree murder in the death of a 66-year-old man ... found guilty of elder abuse ... Authorities said [victim] was emaciated and covered with bed sores ...Garbage and animal feces were strewn throughout the mobile home...with severe malnourishment, dehydration and hypothermia...died [from] neglect from his caregiver. ...[defendant] described [victim] as 'just an old man dying.'"


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